I've been doing photography for over 16 years. Im married to Matthew and we have two daughters Katie (17) and Chloe (13),  and we have two dogs, Molly (Working cocker spaniel) and Bailey (Springer spaniel) .


As a family, we like walking our dogs Molly & Bailey in the peak district a lot and this is where I formed a love for landscape photography as we have been to some amazing places.


I always wanted studio photos of the girls when they were younger, there weren't many places around that did it at the time.


Over the years I have done many types of photography, I used to do a lot of portrait photography of babies, children and families, at the time I was working part-time so I had the time to do it, but once I was back in full-time work I stopped doing the studio portraits.





I like to try any types of photography because I like to keep on learning new things.  Katie has just started at college taking photography so its nice for us to go out together and learn new skills


We have recently moved house which is exciting as I have a space to have a permanent studio!! It needs to be built yet but it enables me to start doing studio portraits again.


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