Why choose me to be your child / family  photographer?

As a mum of two girls and being the photographer in the family,  I realised early on that I was missing from the photos all the time which made me sad, I made a conscious effort to be in photos and is now a family tradition to get a family photo of us all each time we go on holiday.

The benefits of family photographs are just as great for parents

Every year children change, and they’ll never be the same again. Ever. It’s seeming obvious, but when you look at your child and realise that there growing up and are changing each day. Having photographs of your children helps you freeze each special time in their lives. Each time you look at the photographs you can relive those happy memories.


Digital images are great, but you can’t beat a professional photograph you can hold in your hand, display in your home, that captures the heartbeat of your family

You can be in the photos

Children want to see their parents in the photographs with them. You want to see the love and connection between the whole family. It may not feel like it sometimes, but your children look up to you and think you’re beautiful, and perfect. 


When you see a photograph of yourself you grow to love it more and more over time. The reason many people don’t like photographs of themselves initially is because it’s not how they’re used to seeing themselves. We only ever see our faces in a mirror, but a photograph shows your face how everyone else sees it.


It looks strange at first, but over time your brain adjusts, and you get used to it. You start to see and appreciate yourself as your family does and how much you have changed as everyone is changing every day. When your family looks at a photograph of you, they don’t just see what you look like, they see your spirit, personality, strength, and love.

Getting children to smile

Clients often tell me that their children are impossible to photograph. I know as I’ve experienced it with my own children, but when it comes to someone else taking their photos then they comply with no problem!


“They don’t sit still”

“They pull fake smiles”

“They sulk”


Even after the session is complete the parents are unsure if I got the photos I wanted, but I can always assure them I have got them, and when they see the gallery then they truly see I did.

Making children feel at ease

I always like to start the session off with playing for young children, knowing they are coming into an unfamiliar place, I like to put them at ease as much as possible, so I will sit on the floor and get out a box of toys I have to play with and for them to get used to me as younger children can be quite shy in front of adults they have never met before.

Your photographs shouldn’t just sit on a phone or Facebook

Digital images are great, but you can’t beat a professional photograph you can hold in your hand, display in your home, that captures the heartbeat of your family.


I can provide professional printing and framing options. It’s not a question of if a USB or hard drive corrupts, it’s when! Unfortunately, I have had a hard drive corrupt so I know first-hand how upsetting it can be, Plus, technology changes and digital photographs get lost in the chaos of life. Wall portraits are permanent, treasured heirlooms that will last a lifetime and beyond.


Though I strive to get everything I can right before the images ever reach my computer, i know how to use retouching software to make the colour and clarity of the photographs to give them that extra bit of sparkle.


Photographs straight out of a camera can have various issues. Skin can have a sickly colourcast, colours can look drab, eyes can lack sparkle, etc. I lovingly enhance your photographs so each one is perfect and shows your family at its very best.

Professional printing and equipment

My professional prints will have crystal clear sharpness, luminous colour and they will hold their quality for a generation. I know how to control light, create beautiful compositions, tweak camera settings, get great expressions, all within a split second.

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