Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the studio located?My studio is located in Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire.

Can I see all the pictures you take?Yes, I upload them to my website for you to view. However, these will be the RAW images from the camera, you may see that the background is not fully white or my equipment is in the photo. This will all be corrected in the edited pictures. The edited pictures will look much better.

How long before my pictures are ready for viewing?I provide a selection of images for you to choose from within one week of the shoot. Occasionally, this may take longer but I will tell you on booking if I expect it to be delayed.

What shall I bring with me?Bring anything that you would like to appear in the photography e.g. props for hobby shots, costumes, favourite toy, a change of outfit, a selection of hats for babies. Due to the vast range and individual taste.

What should I wear?Keep clothing simple, avoid white, and stay away from clothing with written logos.

Can I bring a change of clothing?Y

When is best to photograph a new born baby?Anytime from birth to 14 days. It doesn't matter if they cannot hold their heads up. I am experienced at taking photographs of babies and know how to position them in the best possible way.

How do I make a booking?Please email me at [email protected] to request available dates. 

When do I pay?You will be asked to pay a small non-refundable deposit to secure your booking, and then the balance of the package you have chosen on the day of the photo shoot. Any additional services you choose are paid for after the shoot, once you have time to see the images.

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